Raspberry and its beneficial properties have been known for a long time.This berry is one of the most delicious berries, while having healing properties for the human body.Raspberry shrub grows almost the entire territory of Russia and unpretentious to the environment.

Use raspberries There is a garden and wild raspberries.By quantity of nutrients contained, raspberries grown in the garden, is slightly inferior to the wild, but it is true, the first is bigger than the second.Well, now specifically about the beneficial properties of raspberries that one that the other.

In raspberries contains a lot of copper, iron, potassium, fiber, pectin, and various other organic acids.One of these acids can be particularly distinguish - salicylic, which has a strong analgesic effect.

In addition to these useful elements in raspberries contains a lot of vitamin C, B1, B12, niacin (PP).More to the use of raspberry include
little sugar - within 10% of the total mass of useful substances.

Medicinal properties of raspberry

Use raspberries used in the treatment of colds, nervous disorders (high copper content) and various other infectious diseases.Malina has in its arsenal diaphoretic effect and the ability to shoot down the heat during the illness.

This berry is useful in hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders and anemia.His healing abilities Raspberry owes volatile, which have controlling effects for a variety of fungal spores and staphylococcus.

raspberry juice has a stimulating effect on the smooth muscles of the intestines, preventing constipation.

The mineral properties of raspberries also know that she has a good detoxifying effect and the ability to improve appetite.The structure of raspberry are also vitamins A, E, which has beneficial effect on the skin, improving its color and tone.It is known that the high temperature treatment, raspberries not lose its beneficial properties and obtained therefrom is excellent jam, which can be used in winter, when vitamins body as needed.

possible harm raspberry

Raspberry addition to its beneficial properties and can be harmful to certain groups of people.First of all, these are the people who suffer Useful properties of raspberries kidney disease and diabetes.Even quite healthy people need to eat the raspberries with caution, as it may cause allergic reactions.

Number of raspberries should be consumed strictly limited, because all the good that the measure - a small handful of berries a day will be enough to prevent.
Raspberry recommended as an expectorant in the treatment of laryngitis, bronchitis.

Infusions Raspberry adding flowers are recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids.Just this useful shrub used in herpes, making an infusion of crushed raspberry branches.

Calorie Raspberry 100 grams - 42 calories.