Benefits of Papaya Papaya - exotic fruit, which appeared on our shelves quite recently.Many still cautiously looking at this fruit, which resembles its appearance whether a small pumpkin, or melon pear-shaped.In fact, papaya - valuable, useful and almost healing product possessing powerful useful properties.

composition of papaya Papaya

for its beneficial qualities and chemical composition similar to the melon.It contains a large amount of vitamins (B1, B2, B5, C, D, E, β-carotene), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc).

most useful component of the fruit - vegetable enzyme papain, which in its composition recalls the gastric juice.Once in the stomach, papain begins actively degrade starches, proteins and fats.Therefore, regular consumption of papaya show people whose bodies are poorly cope with the breakdown of proteins.The papaya contains enzymes, which normalizes the heart rate and the number of beneficial effects on the heart as a whole.

This exotic fruit is almost no fat and carbohydrates

, making it an ideal component of the diet.100 g of papaya contains:

-88,5 g of water;

-0,5 gbelkov;

-0,1 g fat;

-8 g carbohydrate;

-1,8 g fiber (fiber);

-0,6 g ash.

Effect of papaya on the body

Due to high content of vegetable fiber, papaya snizhet cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and it contains antioxidants prolong youth.The systematic use of the juice of the fruit of useful revitalizes and tones the intestines, stomach, destroying infections in the colon cleanses it of mucus and pus.Papaya has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain from arthritis and osteoporosis.Papaya fresh is an excellent means to get rid of parasites, it kills worms, giardia, intestinal amoeba and many more.

Papaya is recommended to include in the menu for those who susceptible to colds, as it strengthens the immune system perfectly.One of the enzymes enhances the regeneration of connective tissue intervertebral discs.Fruit neutralize the negative effects of too much stomach acid, so it is useful for people with gastritis, heartburn, promotes the production of insulin in type I diabetes.A large number of salicylic acid can be used papaya as antipyretic.Fresh fruit has a pronounced diuretic effect (can neutralize toxins).

Papaya useful for women's health.With daily use of it, it contains vitamins, make the skin smooth and supple, and iron relieve the painful symptoms of PMS.At least one fruit eaten in a week, give strength, adds energy, helps to sleep in less time, get rid of depression.

Low calorie - 38 calories per 100 grams allows you to use the product safely for its weight and shape parameters.However, carried away by the excessive absorption of papaya is not necessary, an overdose of the fruit expressed in yellowing of the skin (karotoneimey).Along with the use, there is damage to papaya.

Contraindications to the use of papaya Papaya

can not be used if you are hypersensitive and a tendency to allergies.In addition, the juice of unripe fruit contains poisonous substances.It contains an alkaloid karpain, dangerous in large doses, it causes poisoning and allergic reactions accompanied by disorders of the digestive system and cutting pains in the stomach.

Ripe papaya fruit is yellow, smooth, supple and soft.Immature fruit is desirable to have only cooked.