Useful properties of apples have made them an indispensable part of people's diet of all time.Athletes and dieters loved this fruit for a low calorie and help in reducing weight.There is a diversity of opinion about the benefits of apples, so many recipes of cooking!

amazing the variety of dishes that are prepared with apples!All are countless: juices, jam, jam, marmalade, the famous apple candy (which owes its recipe and consistency pectin, special substances - polysaccharides, which contains a lot of apples, they act as a natural thickener), with apples baked cakes, biscuits, puffs, pies themselves apples baked in the oven.

The beneficial properties of apples Apples contain a large amount of minerals: sodium, magnesium, vitamins (B1, B2, E, PP), folic acid.Vitamin C, polyphenols, flavonoids have an antioxidant effect on our body.Contrary to popular belief, the iron content in the apples very small.

Useful properties of apples

Useful properties of fresh apples will help only a healthy stomach, because they stimulate the formation of

gastric juice, and together with fruit acids it will irritate the body.In this case it is better to bake apples, and always sweet varieties.As such, they are really indicated for gastritis with low acidity, acute and chronic colitis of mild to moderate severity.People with this disease is not fanatical attitude to the use of apples and to be careful in terms of quality and quantity in their use.

During the "apple" of treatment can not seize or drink them, that there was no more serious trouble with the stomach.After all, the factor increased or decreased acidity stomach- another criterion to determine the benefits and harms of apples.

addition, apples are a good way to solve problems with the intestines.These fruits are useful in mental stress, improve appetite, and iron, which are rich in apples, helps with anemia.

People who regularly use them, have a much lower risk of lung disease (especially in smokers, for whom the benefits of apples is particularly relevant), atherosclerosis.At home, you can do wonderful moisturizing facial masks of slurry or fresh baked apples, it will eliminate the inflammation and have a beneficial effect on the skin of any type.


apples Apples are known for their ability to slow down the calorie and fat absorption process among people who know and use the apple diet to lose weight.To do this, these fruits are ideal.

Use apple is not limited to fruits, seeds, too, because of great importance due to its high iodine content.
The healing properties of apples

People with normal acidity of the stomach and the absence of contraindications is better to eat them fresh, because more than half of the useful properties of apple is lost during heat treatment.

Benefits of apples will be stored for a long time, if you keep them in a cool place.Also, they can conserve, they acquire new flavors and persist for a long time once again to decorate your desk.Store fresh apples should be in a dry place with moderate humidity.To choose the best stocks in late autumn or winter varieties.They are kept much longer.

to a healthy diet will suffice 2-3 fruits a day