From time to time every woman wants to change something in their appearance.The easiest way to do this is hair coloring.However, due to unfavorable environmental conditions, it is not a healthy way of life and other hazards, a rare woman can boast a perfect head of hair.Further aggravate the condition of the hair dye may, as part of which there are substances that can not be called useful.This is true even bezammiachnoy dyes, which as a substitute for that component is used strong alkalis, spoiling the hair at least ammonia .Therefore curls constantly exposed to painting, are unlikely to look beautiful.

What to do if hair and so did not stay in the best condition, and do not just want to be painted, and even, as happens in some cases, a must?The ideal solution would be natural hair dyes.Today in shopping networks, typically, there are two kinds of truly natural products - henna and Basma.But this does not mean that there is no other natural dyes for hair, in fact, a lot of them.Next we look at the most

affordable and popular.


This dye is obtained from a plant called Indigofera - a natural black hair dye, its use allows to achieve different shades.The structure includes Basma substances that improve blood circulation of the scalp, get rid of dandruff, strengthen the roots, make hair smooth, strong, shiny and elastic Basma hair .This tool is considered to be perfectly safe, it does not destroy the natural pigment and hair structure.

As an independent dye basmu use undesirable, it must be combined with others, such as henna or coffee, otherwise it will give curls blue or green tint.If mixed funds with henna in different proportions, we can create a variety of shades - from warm light brown to deep black .In many respects, the final result will depend on the condition and the original color of the hair.For example, mixed in equal amounts of henna and Basma, on light brown hair give shade.To become a burning brunette, you must first hour stand henna on the hair, and then after washing to put on a couple of hours basmu.

Henna Henna has long been used not only as a natural hair color, but also as a remedy.It is obtained from dried leaves lawsonite.By this means the hair can be colored in a variety of bright colors natural starting and ending with golden black .Henna does not penetrate in the middle of the hair, and envelops its thin protective film, Henna for hair smoothing scales.It makes tresses thicker, elastic, shiny, healthy, significantly strengthens and stimulates their growth.

Henna can be used as a standalone or a dye mixed with other colorants, such as black tea, hibiscus tea, coffee, camomile or saffron.The result will depend on additives, the exposure time and the state of the initial hair color.On the bright curls, the tool provides a pure bright carrot-red.

To give your hair a light brown color, can be added to henna strong black tea (3 teaspoons per 200 ml. Of water).For a darker brown tones, it is possible to complement the tool with three grams of pounded leaves of rhubarb.Mahogany will, if you add to henna cranberry juice and smear their hair just before painting.The same colors can be achieved if the henna mixed with a little warm Cahors.If you fill in the tool decoction prepared from the leaves of walnut - chocolate leaves shade.

Deciding to use henna or basma, it is worth remembering that after the hair dyeing these funds will not be possible subsequent perm or the use of ammonia or basic colors - they simply do not "will take."


This tool is best suited for owners blond hair , it allows you to give the curls a light golden color.The desired effect can be achieved by simply rinsing with infusion of chamomile hair after washing.Use this tool to brown hair give them the appearance of a little sun-bleached.Besides pleasant shade daisy make hair more manageable, silky and shiny.Rhubarb Hair


This tool helps to paint the hair in Brown or ashen .Blonde hair will become blond shade with a copper tint, if rinse decoction of the roots of rhubarb.To do this, they need to chop, mix 2 tablespoons, to get an array with 200 ml.water and boiled for about 20 minutes.If you add a decoction of 100 g of dry white wine, it will be blond hair blond.


only used for staining shell green nuts, it can be as fresh and dried.This tool makes hair brown .For this it is necessary to grind the rind in a blender or grinder and mix it with water so that the consistency of the mass like a cream.Then apply makeup to hair and let stand about 20 minutes.With this structure is necessary to be careful, of course, mix it with a liquid, as in the shells of the walnut contains a lot of iodine, which can leave burns on the skin.

Black tea

He dyes his hair brown tones .Blond hair turn brown with a reddish tinge if boiled tea leaves from the cup of boiling water and 3 tablespoonstea about 15-20 minutes., to insist, and then put on the locks and let stand for about an hour.linden hair


This plant is able to paint the curls in brown or brown shades .To do this, you need to 8 tablespoonslinden flowers pour 2 tbsp.water, put on a little fire and boil until the mixture is reduced widow.The liquid should be slightly cool, strain it and lubricate the hair.Keep the product must be prior to the acquisition of the desired tone.

Lemon With Lemon hair can lighten at least one shade .To do this, mix the lemon juice with the same amount of vodka, put structure to damp tresses and dry them in the sun.Then rinse the hair with water.

Hair dyeing with natural dyes will allow you to not only make the color more beautiful curls or saturated, but also strengthen and improve the them.