Massage - one of the best discoveries of mankind.Depending on the type it helps to get rid of various diseases, to keep the body in good shape, to raise the mood, improve well-being, etc.This positive effect of massage on the body can be significantly enhanced if you use it in the course of various biologically active substances.Perhaps the best of these substances is honey.This product has a striking effect on the body, at times increasing the therapeutic effect of massage treatments.

What action has honey massage

The fact that honey is the best way affects the human body is known to all.It helps improve the tone, strengthen the immune system, to get rid of most of the symptoms of colds, they treat the liver, intestines, bronchitis and many other diseases.benefits of honey massage If used honey for massages, it improves blood circulation, speed up metabolism and increase muscle elasticity.But the main effect of honey massage - this decrease in the body disappearance of cellulite , improvement and transformation of the skin.

Such action is the ability of honey rapidly absorbed, carrying nutrients throughout the body, nourish the skin, absorbing, and then withdrawn from it slag, toxins and excess fluid to kill disease-causing germs, reduce inflammation and improve the elasticity of the dermis.Experts recommend using honey massage is not only to reduce cellulite and fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, sides, etc., its different types and can be used for getting rid of the common cold, arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain, sciatica, osteoarthritisand many other diseases.

Massage with honey at home

To make honey massage cellulite or slimming, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons and spend a lot of money, this procedure can be carried out completely independently in the comfort of home.You do not need any special tools and equipment - will need to be reserved only honey.If desired, it is possible to add also an essential oil such as orange, mint, lemon, juniper or a mixture of several oils, this will enhance the effect of the procedure.

Massage should be carried out only liquid honey .If it is sugar, it should be heated in a microwave oven or a steam bath to 37 degrees.For the procedure, you will need two to six tablespoons of honey, depending on the size of the area needing correction.

honey massage technique :

  • Take a shower and rub well with the sponge body areas that you plan to mass.
  • Apply honey on your palm and very thin rub it in problem areas.
  • honey Rub in a circular motion, making it easy warming massage.
  • gradually intensified press.
  • Begin lightly pinch the skin with your fingers, and you should feel a slight burning sensation.At this stage, usually honey Massage with honey starts to become thicker and roll.This signals the need to proceed to the next step.
  • a moment put his hand to the skin, then abruptly tear them.With this you can feel the pain, should not be afraid, for the honey massage is quite normal.Repeat the movement, gradually moving through the body.Usually at this stage of spent approximately seven minutes for each body part.Ieif you massage the thighs and buttocks, it will take about twenty minutes.
  • During the procedure, you may notice that under your palms is formed grayish mass - is all the dirt and harmful substances that are found in the skin.This mass is periodically rinse with hands.

To obtain the desired results it is recommended to order fifteen massages with honey.First, it is better to do in a day, after a little skin gets used, you can start daily.

Unfortunately, honey massage has some contraindications.First of all it is necessary to refuse from people suffering from allergies to honey.Also, it not recommended for varicose , thyroid diseases and poor blood clotting.