skin of eyelids and area under the eyes is very delicate and sensitive to any shocks, so it needs special care and careful maintenance.An important role to play masks.Properly chosen and components used such means to help keep youth delicate skin as long as possible.

From what foods are prepared homemade mask for the skin around the eyes

best products for making household masks for eyelids and the skin under the eyes are considered parsley, potatoes, cucumber, oatmeal, peaches, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, natural green tea, aloe,teas made from chamomile, calendula, sage, plantain, mallow, cornflower, wild cherry, wild rosemary, leaves and buds of birch.As an auxiliary means may be used egg whites, olive oil and honey.

use of masks for the skin around the eyes

  • eye masks Always apply the mask only completely cleansed.Otherwise, the active ingredients means is connected with dirt and with it to absorb into the skin, which can lead to inflammation and other unpleasant consequences.
  • mask brought to maxi
    mum effect before its application to make a steam bath of herbs.
  • Before using a particular tool, make sure that you have no allergic reactions to its constituent components.To do this, apply the product to the inner area of ​​the wrist or elbow in the quarter of an hour, rinse, and within a couple of hours to see the reaction of the skin.
  • homemade mask under the eyes is best done in about an hour before bedtime.
  • Try to prepare a mask is not too liquid, it will prevent contact with eyes.
  • Liquid mask is applied to the pieces of gauze bandage or cotton pads, gently wring, and then applying them to the eyes.
  • means having a thick consistency, apply with fingertips, using light, pat, as if driving a lot of the skin.
  • eye mask to keep from ten to fifteen minutes.During this time it is not recommended to talk or move actively.
  • Masks remove soaked in water or broth of herbs, cotton pad.Do it gently, without stretching the skin.Dried up funds before removing good soak.
  • After cleansing the eyelids, do not forget to put the cream on them, designed for these areas.
  • order to achieve a good effect, make a mask regularly, about every three or four days.

Recipes home masks for the skin around the eyes

  • mask with cucumber Lifting Mask areas near the eyes .Beat protein and squeeze the juice of half medium cucumber.By the juice, add a tablespoon of protein foam, five drops of oil solution of vitamin A and E, and a teaspoon of almond oil.Mix thoroughly and thicken the mass of oatmeal or wheat flour.
  • mask from the "crow's feet» .A spoonful of liquid honey, connect with four drops of vitamin E in the form of an oily solution, and egg yolk.Thicken with a mixture of potato starch or flour.For owners of a dry skin, a means is recommended to add a small amount of olive oil.
  • Express Mask edema .Dip cotton pads in a very cold milk having a high fat content, and apply them to your eyes for five minutes to ten.
  • mask, rejuvenating eye .Mash avocado slice, so you'll have about two tablespoons of puree.Add to it a spoonful of almond oil and then put the tool on the eyelids and under the eyes.Cover with a warm, slightly depressed bags of black or herbal tea.
  • mask of "bags" under the eyes .A teaspoon of rice boiled in milk connect with dining false warm cream and rubbed through the same amount of raw potatoes.Place the mixture between several layers of bandage or gauze and apply to the eyes.
  • compresses the swelling around the eyes .For the preparation of such packs is recommended to use extracts of green tea, coriander seeds, fresh potato juice or parsley.
  • Moisturizing eye mask .Chop the dill and parsley, add a little bit of thick cream, and then mask with banana apply to areas under the eyes and eyelids.If the tool yet, will the liquid, it is possible to add a small amount of oat flour or potato starch.
  • Nourishing Eye Mask .Halves of ripe banana mash to a pulp, add to it a teaspoon of fat sour cream and olive oil.
  • Aloe for the areas around the eyes .Aloe is an excellent tool in the fight with many problems of delicate skin.It moisturizes, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate the bruising and swelling under the eyes.Aloe can simply grease the necessary parts or prepare on its basis a variety of means.For example, a good lifting and moisturizing effect has a mask made from egg yolk, aloe juice and whole milk.
  • mask, moisturizing and relieve swelling .Juice of cucumber slices, mix with chopped parsley and, if necessary, slightly thickened mass of potato starch.