Sharp cheekbones, slightly sunken cheeks and chiseled chin - form a beautiful shape of the face, making the shape of a sophisticated, elegant and expressive.Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such features, especially for those who have already turned thirty.

Now, there are many ways in which the correction of facial contours, since all sorts of massages, beauty treatments or a filament type myostimulation lifting and ending surgery.But in the pursuit of fashionable treatments many people forget about other, perhaps equally effective ways of improving appearance.For one of the most effective include a variety of exercises for the muscles of the face.

Why exercise face

Over time, the facial muscles become weak, lose muscle tone and the frame begins to change shape, which leads to sagging cheeks, double chin rise, and thus the deformation of the oval.If they exercise regularly, the condition of the problem areas, will improve significantly.Muscles come in tone, the skin is smoothed and acquires

firmness and face will look much younger.

Other advantages of this method of correction of an oval face is the fact that its transformation will not have to spend a penny, as it does not require strenuous and time-consuming.

Exercises for a face-lift can be very different, because today there are many facilities that allow to deal with this problem.We will look at the most popular and well-proven.But first, a look at the general rules of implementation of such exercises.

Exercises for the face - the basic rules of implementation:

  • Before gymnastics clean your face and apply a moisturizer.
  • Try to deal with sitting in a relaxed position, watching yourself in the mirror.
  • Do the exercises slowly, the most severely straining muscles.
  • selected set of do every day on average it you should go from ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Each exercise is performed so that after a few repetitions of muscle appeared slight burning.

Let's talk more about each of the complexes.

simple universal exercises for tightening facial contours

This complex is very simple and is suitable for even the most lazy.It helps tighten sagging cheeks and highlight cheekbones, get rid of double chin, do face more expressive and sculptural.Do suggested exercises every day, and a month later you will definitely see a positive result.

  • Completely fill your mouth with air, close Close the lips and cheeks inflate.Push your palms on the cheeks, so that felt muscle tension.Applying maximum effort, linger for a few seconds, and then let the air out and relax.Repeat the exercise until you feel muscle fatigue.
  • Fill mouth air.Begin to roll it, passing under the upper lip, first one cheek, then the other to .Perform each exercise until you feel a strong muscle fatigue.
  • Close the lips and drag them into a smile as widely as possible so as to feel the tension in the cheeks.Then quickly pull them forward into a tube, if you were going to kiss someone.Alternate data movement until you feel tired in the lips and cheeks.
  • pursed his lips as if you want to pronounce the sound "o".Making tongue circular motion with a force massage first inner surface of one cheek and then the other.
  • Lift your head up, will push the lower jaw forward and pull the tube lips, as if about to pronounce the sound "y".Hold for several seconds, then relax and repeat again.
  • smoothly describe a semicircle head all the way, going first to one shoulder, then the other.Repeat the movement about twenty times.
  • Zaprokinte head all the way back, and then fold it forward.Perform at least twenty times.

Gymnastics Carole Maggio

One of the most popular techniques aimed at correcting an oval face, a gymnastics Carole Maggio.Regular performance of the main complex will get rid of a double chin, sagging cheeks and wrinkles and tone the facial muscles and skin.In addition, some exercises can help even a little change facial features, for example, to shorten the nose or "open the" eyes.More details exercises for the face Carol Maggio will be considered by us in one of the following articles if you speak English quite good, you can do it yourself on the official site of Carol.Now we will explore only with exercises, allowing tighten oval.

  • Slightly open your mouth, and then press firmly to the teeth the upper lip and the lower head to the mouth of teeth.In this corner of his lips rushed to extreme molars.Place your finger on the chin and slowly start to open and then close your mouth as if you want to scoop the lower jaw air.With every move a centimeter lift up his head, when she zaprokinetsya completely stop and hold it in this position thirty seconds.
  • lips tightly somknite and drag, if you smile.Arm around the base of the neck, gently pull down the skin.Tilt the head back and stared up look.At the same time the muscles of the chin and the neck should be well tighten.Hold this position for three seconds, and then return your head and look in the same position.Repeat at least 35 times.

exercises for an oval face

regularly performing this complex, you can tighten oval face, get rid of a double chin, to strengthen the muscles of the neck and lower cheeks.

1. Lift the chin slightly up and pull the lower jaw.Tighten the neck, as if you want to look over the fence.When muscles will strain the most strongly fix the position for three seconds, then relax for two seconds and repeat all over again.

2. bite the bullet, fingers located along the cheekbones, so that the ring finger and little fingers are near the corners of the lips.However, they only have to deal with persons who are not pushing and stretching the skin.Being in this position, the lower lip bulge until you reach the maximum voltage, then pause for three seconds.After that, for three seconds, relax and repeat again.

3. Slightly turn the head to the left, lift the chin and mouth open as if he would like something to bite.When the muscles of the neck and chin will strain the most strongly Freeze for five seconds, then lower jaw and relax.Perform this exercise for tightening facial contours for each side five times.

4. Place the palm of your hand at the bottom of the cheeks, so that little fingers were at the corners of the lips.Lightly stretch the lips, if you want to smile, and you should feel the muscles tighten cheeks under your fingers.Gradually increase the pressure when you reach the maximum, pause for five seconds and relax for a couple of seconds.After that, stick out your tongue and try to reach its tip to the chin.When muscles will strain the most hard Hold for five seconds, then relax for two.

5. Fist uprites chin.Start gently lower the lower jaw, while pushing her fist and overcoming resistance, strain your muscles.Gradually strengthening effect clicking when you reach maximum stress, pause for three seconds, then relax for three seconds.After that, stick out your tongue and try to reach them to the chin.When muscles will strain the most strongly Freeze for two seconds, then return the tongue in your mouth and relax for a second.

6. bite the bullet and make the most severely stretch the lips apart.Tip of the tongue push into the sky, gradually increasing the pressing force.At the same time you should feel the tension in the muscles of the chin.Hold the maximum voltage for five seconds, then relax for three seconds.

to correction of facial contours more effectively held, first perform each exercise five times and gradually increase the number of repetitions.Ideally, by the third week of their number should be increased to fifteen or twenty.