Nature gave to mankind a lot of great natural products that help keep our body and the body in excellent condition.One is white clay, or as it is often called kaolin.It is the most versatile, but on widely used type of cosmetic clay.This product has many useful properties and used for treating diseases and cosmetic solutions to problems.

White clay - Properties and Applications

Kaolin is a compound of aluminum and silicon oxides.It includes plenty of trace elements and mineral salts, it is potassium, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen, zinc, aluminum, manganese, etc., but it is particularly rich in silicon, a substance needed to form and maintain in good condition, joints, cartilage,bone and other tissue.Its deficiency can lead to problems with the circulatory system, osteoporosis, brittle nails, hair loss and premature aging.

white clay - very fine particles that are perfect absorbers .Because of this it is able to absorb toxins, gases, toxins and other harmful substances, not only from the gastrointesti

nal tract and skin, but also from the lymph and blood, thereby purifying the whole body.Besides white clay can absorb viruses, bacteria and tissue breakdown products.This allows you to use it to treat burns, poorly healing wounds, ulcers, etc.

White clay This product has a high heat capacity, it can be used in thermotherapy.The heat packs based on white clay increase blood circulation and alleviate the pain of damaged ligaments and muscles, diseases of the joints, wounds and bruises.

folk medicine used white clay for the treatment of headaches, osteoarthritis, sciatica, polyarthritis, arthritis, septic wounds, dermatitis, poisoning, diseases of the spine, post-traumatic and inflammatory diseases of tendons, muscles, bones, gastrointestinal diseases, varicose veins, mastitis, eczema, and more.

But particularly relevant white clay in cosmetics .Today, you can find a lot of cosmetics one of the components, which it serves.It is often added to anti-inflammatory agents used in dermatology in the form of ointments, included in the composition of deodorants, powders, shampoos, scrubs and cosmetics antivozrastonoy.On its basis, it makes even baby powder and toothpaste.

White clay face and body

perfect effect has white clay to the skin.It deep cleans, dries and bleaches the skin.White clay acts as an antibacterial and antiseptic, removes impurities, tightens and cleans pores, removes irritation and inflammation, absorbs excess sebum, heals wounds quickly and microtrauma.These properties make it a perfect product for the care of skin prone to rashes, inflammation and fat content.

also kaolin can be used for other types of dermis, but in this case not to dry up the skin, it should be combined with softening and moisturizing ingredients.After regular use of this product evens skin, improving collagen production, skin, smoothed, rejuvenated and become more supple and elastic, fade fine lines and contours of the face are tightened.It will help get rid of the white clay from acne, acne and redness.

itself kaolin is a gentle abrasive, so it can also act as a mild scrub, and so delicate that it can be used as peeling even for skin with inflamed acne.But most of all in the care of a person white clay used in the form of masks.

clay mask facial

Helmets of kaolin To prepare the masks can only be used clay, without any additional components.In this case, the clay powder is simply not fit into any metal utensils and is diluted with water so that the weight came reminiscent of sour cream.This mask, however, like any other similar means, is necessary to apply only to clean skin.The clay should be applied a thick layer on the entire surface of the face except for the lips and eyes.It is recommended to keep about a quarter of an hour, while we can not allow the mass of completely dry.If it still will begin to dry up, it needs to sprinkle a little water.After the procedure, the clay must be well moistened and then gently rinse.To achieve a positive effect by making masks kaolin necessary twice a week.

Excellent results showing the clay in combination with other ingredients:

  • Whitening Mask .A couple of tablespoons of clay, spread yogurt, add a mixture of five drops of lemon juice and chopped parsley.
  • mask of white clay Rejuvenating .The three teaspoons of clay, add a spoonful of honey and dilute the mixture with milk, so as to have mass, which resembles sour cream.
  • For dry skin .To add a spoonful of kaolin half a spoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil, if necessary, slightly dilute the mixture with water.
  • Nourishing Mask .In one container, mix a teaspoon of sour cream, clay and vegetable oil, add to it three spoonfuls of grated apple and mix all ingredients.
  • For oily skin .Whisk the egg whites, then add to it eight drops of lemon juice, a tablespoon of water and floor spoons of honey, mix ingredients, then pour in two tablespoons of the resulting mixture of clay and mix again.
  • mask acne .Spread a spoonful of clay with water, then add to the mixture of four drops of essential oil of lemon.This mask is recommended to apply to the pre-steaming skin.
  • For normal skin .A tablespoon of honey mixed with egg yolk, add a spoonful of olive oil and two tablespoons of kaolin.If the weight will come too thick, slightly dilute with water.
  • firming clay facial mask .In equal proportions, combine sour cream, melted honey and clay, then squeeze the lemon into a mass of a few drops of juice.

White clay cellulite

kaolin is effective in the fight against cellulite.It removes from the skin reservoir of toxins, excess fluid and salt, relieves swelling, tightens and makes the skin more elastic, and feeds them with valuable trace elements.Also due to a warming effect, which has white clay in the dermis accelerated metabolism and normal lymphatic flow.To get rid of cellulite kaolin used in several ways:

  • anti-cellulite body wrap wraps with clay .Wrapping use only clay, diluted with water.To procedure was more effective, it is possible to add other components.A good action has a mixture prepared from three tablespoons of kaolin, cinnamon powder, five drops of essential oil of orange and water.It is also possible to prepare the composition of the three spoonfuls of clay, a spoon of honey and spoon cream.Wrapping is recommended to scrub cleaned and well warmed skin.Apply the product to the problem areas, wrap them with foil, then put on warm pants and cover with a blanket.Forty minutes later wash away the clay with water.Wraps should be done in a day, the very first results after they can be replaced after the tenth treatment.
  • Massage with clay .A couple mash yolks with honey, then add them to the kaolin, slightly diluted with water.As a result, you should leave the mixture resembles the consistency of sour cream.Apply clay weight on one leg and start to massage her first light, then more intense movements.Then repeat the same with the other leg and buttocks.Every part of the body should be massaged from seven to ten minutes.This massage is recommended daily.
  • baths with clay .Fill the bathtub with water by about a third.Dissolve in the milk, then add the water 10 mllilitrov essential oils of orange, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary.After that, half a kilo of clay dilute with warm water and departure mixture into the bath.Immerse yourself in a warm liquid and stay there for about twenty minutes.Such procedures should be carried out twice a week.

hair White clay White clay

most often used as a means to brittle and oily hair.It is well strengthens weakened bulbs, improves the structure of the strands, fights dandruff and oily seborrhea.

  • Firming Mask .Dilute with water three spoons of kaolin, then add to it spoon burdock oil and egg yolk.Apply the product and wrap head.Keep this mask is recommended for about forty minutes.
  • Nourishing Mask .Two spoonfuls of clay, dilute beer and mash the yolks with the resulting mass.Apply the product and leave it for forty minutes.
  • Clay hair Hair mask of clay .This tool is very good for the excessive fat hair, as she delivers and dandruff.Pour a spoonful of chamomile cup of boiling water.Allow to infusions quarter of an hour and strain.Get a dilute solution of a handful of clay, so that the left is not too dense mass of consistency it should be like a liquid cream.Rub mixture into the roots, and then distribute it on the strands and wrap head.An hour later, rinse with water composition.

To keep hair in good condition enough to make maki clay twice a month.If the hair and scalp in need of treatment, they are recommended to be applied twice a week.