appearance of bags under the eyes can lead to despair any representative of the fair sex, because they are not the best way affect the appearance.Besides, if other minor defects easily hide face with makeup, the swelling mask impossible.That is why from the bags under the eyes need to get rid of, and to do it as efficiently as possible is necessary to establish the cause.

Because of what the bags under the eyes appear

If you have formed bags under his eyes, the reasons for this may be many, ranging from the banal lack of sleep to serious health problems.The fact that the occurrence of this problem is able to influence a lot of different factors caused by the structural features of the skin around the eyes.The fact that the globe is surrounded by a layer of fat tissue which is necessary for its protection and cushioning.From the eyelid skin is separate thin connective tissue - the membrane that holds it in place.By the formation of bags under the eyes can cause a number of factors, it is:

  • decreased elasticity of the membrane , as a result, it is stretched and bulges, it mostly occurs with age or due to genetic predisposition.the cause of the swelling under the eyes
  • adipose tissue swelling , which can increase in volume due to its ability to accumulate fluid.By the occurrence of edema can cause a lot of reasons: eyestrain, alcohol abuse, or salt, smoking, hormonal changes, stress or lack of sleep.Also, the bags under the eyes can cause some disease in the first place and include kidney disease, in addition, they can provoke conjunctivitis, allergies, inflammation of the sinuses, gipoteroz and heart problems.
  • overgrowth of adipose tissue .The bags, which appeared due to fluid retention, usually in the second half of the day disappear if they are not changed during the day, the blame for this is likely proliferation of adipose tissue.This is usually due to a genetic predisposition.

frequent appearance of bags with age, due to the reduction of tissue elasticity, coupled with a gradual increase in the number of fat cells.

way to get rid of bags under the eyes

If the cause of the bags under the eyes - is the expansion of adipose tissue or tensile membrane, then deal with them yourself you can not, in this case, will be able to solve the problem only by qualified personnel.To eliminate such defects are usually used mesotherapy, electrical, blepharoplasty or laser treatment.

If swelling under the eyes caused by the disease, get rid of them you can only after solve a problem with his health.But with bags appear due to fluid retention in the tissues can be handled with special cosmetic products or home remedies available.

mask with aloe and cucumber

This tool will not only help to quickly remove bags under the eyes, but still give a tone, refresh and moisturize the skin well.To make it, you need to mix a tablespoon of cucumber juice and aloe, then add to it half a teaspoon of almond oil and thicken with a mixture of a pinch of potato starch.Mask aged fifteen minutes, then rinse with water.

Ice massage

If you often appear bags under the eyes in the morning, quickly get rid of them you can with the help of ice cubes.They are recommended to prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, sage, linden or birch leaves, cucumber juice, green tea, as well as the usual mineral water.Diced necessary to wipe the skin starting at the inner corner of the eye on the upper eyelid to the outer corner, from the outer corner, on the lower eyelid to the inner corner.

Mask of potatoes

very simple, but no less effective means of bags under the eyes - raw potatoes.It was purified and then ground blender or rub on a small grater.Get a lot of small pieces wrapped in gauze and applied to the eyes for a quarter of an hour.Prevention of bags under the eyes

To prevent bags properly care for the skin around the eyes, try, when applying cosmetics and make-up, less than the stretch and rub.Regularly it cleans, moisturizes and nourishes.

increasingly using tools that strengthen the delicate skin, for these purposes are perfect preparations, which include hyaluronic acid, coffee, elastane or collagen.Do not be amiss to track your diet, your diet must be a sufficient number of foods containing vitamin E, C and K. It is also worth to give up bad habits and leave your daily routine enough time for rest and sleep.