It would seem that could be easier than to make up eyelashes, doing this procedure every day, almost every woman.However, not every happy with the result.The thing is that in this, at first glance, there are actually light the secrets and rules, and only by adhering to them can achieve a stunning effect.

preparatory stage

1. To start, you need to degrease the eyelashes, removing remnants of cream or sebum.To do this, they need to get wet cloth soaked in a special tonic.Once they dry out, you can begin to make-up.

2. Beautifully curved long eyelashes visually make eyes more and give them expression.For twisting eyelashes are best special curlers.To use this tool, you need to be very careful, all movements should be smooth and unhurried.

3. The primer is needed not only for the face and lips.Apply primer to the lashes, making them more bulky, long and gives basis for applying mascara make-up resistance.A nice addition to this is the fact that primers for eyelashes have moisturizing, firming and nourishing properties.

4. To lashes look more voluminous and fluffy, they are recommended to apply a small amount of powder, the excess of which can always be eliminated by combing cilia brush.Also for these purposes may be used konsiller.

techniques applying mascara

This method of applying mascara is versatile and suitable for all.Location vertical brush, paint the bottom first cilia.Then place the brush horizontally and apply a coat of mascara on the upper lashes, starting from the middle part, then go to the outside and then the inside.At the same time it is necessary to paint eyelashes from the roots to the tips.Movement should be lifted, flowing curls.After you apply one coat of mascara, wait until it dries out a bit, and only then apply the next.

to paint over the lashes carefully, you can use the following method.Place the brush horizontally, then start to apply mascara oblique movements towards the nose.Then do the same towards the temples.Now expand the brush vertically and its tip to paint individual cilia.

If you have short lashes, to give them volume and density, ink is recommended to impose a zigzag motion, starting from the root to the tip.If you are used to tint the bottom cilia mascara is best to put on them.

If you have long lashes, hold the brush to him and blinked.This method helps avoid clumping lashes and give them a natural look.It is necessary to make sure that the ink was not too to paint long eyelashes

often lush and long eyelashes can be difficult to paint in the outer corners of the eyes, in this place, they stick together and look untidy.In order to avoid such an effect when painting, as much as possible open your eyes, the brush on the lower lashes and then at the top and then walk between the tip of the brush.

Tips for coloring eyelashes

  • even the best brush for mascara eyelash glue is able, in order to avoid the use of special bonding raschesochkoy.It is recommended to use before the ink dries
  • Do not apply a second coat of mascara, if the first is quite dry.This will lead to the fact that the ink will start to crumble.Before performing this action, the first coat of mascara should be slightly dry.
  • Do not be afraid to change the color of eyelashes, using different shades of mascara.This will help to achieve very interesting effects.For example, blue eyes will appear more saturated, to use purple ink, and blue ink makes the iris brighter and more noticeable protein.
  • Try fewer moving brush in a tube, this leads to a deterioration in the quality of the carcass and its lifetime.Normally, a brush dipped enough to make up both eyes.