Unfortunately, you rarely meet a woman or a girl who could boast the perfect tone complexion.That is why modern cosmetic industry pays so much attention, the product allows even out skin tone and hide its imperfections.For this purpose various tones and masking agents, such as primers, highlighter creams, powders, concealers and correctors.It is about the past and it will continue.

What concealer and how is it different from other concealers

Concealer is a means to camouflage skin imperfections spot.It is characterized by a dense, opaque texture having a beige color, from light to dark shades.In comparison with the classical foundation, this tool is much more effective because they can cover up even the most obvious defects such as pimples or dark spots.However, it should be noted that the concealer for face can not replace a full tonal basis, while even a thick layer of foundation on your skin will not be able to create a perfectly even color.Only a skilful combination of these two products will ensu

re a flawless tone.Skin Concealer

concealers often confused with correctors , however, these agents have some differences.Second, different from the first, a light texture and a broad color palette.Each shade corrector aims to correct those or other imperfections.Its effect is to neutralize excess color.The correct shade will help to make invisible Spider veins, redness, bruising, dark spots and other similar defects.For example, shades of green correctors excellent job with the reds, yellow - with blue, pink - give fresh grayish tone of the face.

How to choose a concealer

Concealers recommended to select so that they exactly match the main skin tone or were a semitone, up to her tone lighter.They can be divided into three main groups: liquid, creamy and firm.

  • Liquid concealers - well suited for dry and sensitive skin.They are easy to apply, they are well shaded and effectively conceal redness.These concealers are superimposed on the wings of the nose near the lips and eyes.Their major shortcoming is that they do not camouflage pimples.
  • Cream concealers - have a soft texture and smooth lie on the skin.They can be considered a universal remedy.So if you need a concealer to the eye, but you can not hurt to correct other areas of the face, you can safely stop on it.Applied concealer having a creamy texture, fingers, brush or sponge.
  • Concealer Stick or pencil - such concealers for skin can be attributed to the creamy, but they have a dense structure.This tool is perfectly masks minor pimples, small flasks, scars, age spots, small spots and nasolabial wrinkles.With it, you can hide all kinds of redness on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.However, the stick can not cope with the wrinkles around the eyes, bulging acne, pimples and other skin irregularities.These concealers should be applied to small areas dotted, while rubbing them is not recommended.
  • Dry concealers - they are called mineral concealer.They are made on the basis of mineral powder.These funds are not only well masked strong redness, pimples, blackheads and other such imperfections and absorb excess oil from the skin and have a therapeutic effect on her.However, it is better not to apply to areas near the eyes, especially if they are small wrinkles.For these places is better to use liquid or cream concealers.

Most of the concealers are additional ingredients that address those or other problems.For example, funds with reflective particles, well conceal fine lines, lightens the eye and give the face a more youthful appearance, products containing substances dizenfitsiruyuschie and zinc, can get rid of inflammation, and the funds, supplemented with vitamins and antioxidants - improves skin tone and skin condition.

How to use concealer

applying concealers main rule is moderation and accuracy.Even if you manage to find the perfect shade of funds, it must be applied evenly, just exactly the place needs to be adjusted .

Before applying the tools, be sure to use moisturizer and give it a good soak.Use concealer

spot-konsiller should not smearing, gently shaded moist sponge, a brush or fingertips gently drive into the skin.If a single layer is insufficient funds, it may be applied again.

then must wait to concealer and well dried up, "grappling" with the skin.Then apply foundation.

also concealer can be applied over and tonal foundations .This is usually done under the disguise quite small in terms of defects: pimples, spots, redness, in the presence of light-reflecting particles in the concealer and full color matching of both.In this case, it is required to consolidate powder, otherwise, he quickly erased.