At times, it seems that this is the perfect face and clear smooth skin as the models in glossy magazines may be achieved by treating only your picture in Photoshop.However, to achieve this effect is not necessarily sit at the computer - you can simply take advantage of modern foundation.They retouch swelling, bumps, wrinkles, pimples and redness, notorious even better program.But just to make your skin look perfect, but the person does not like a lifeless mask, foundation necessary to choose the right.

Tint foundation

on a good make-up plays an important role right color foundation.When selecting funds necessary to pay attention to your tsvetotip.For a cool skin tones are usually suitable cream slightly pinkish shades for a warm - with a golden or yellow midtone.color tone means

order not to make the wrong choice, before buying, foundation must always test .To do this, many recommend to put it on your wrist.However, in most cases, the skin on the back of his hand a little lighter than on your face, so it is, you a

re unlikely to be able to determine the right color foundation.The test is best done on the cheeks.Pick three funds, the color of which, in your opinion, as close to your skin tone.Put them next three vertical stripes, stand at the window or under bright light and look in the mirror.Suitable color will be very easy to learn - it is almost completely merge with the skin.

Never forget that the foundation in the first place, it is necessary to align the complexion possible, not completely change his tone.Trying to lighten the skin and give it the effect of sunburn, you'll get only a negative result and it will look dirty or unevenly colored.

foundation and skin type

Recently foundation could choose based only on shades: darker - lighter.Today suitable means can be selected not only in color but also in accordance with the type of skin.This will help avoid such troubles as potekshy makeup, over-drying the skin, clogged pores, shine, inflammation and many other similar problems.

  • For oily skin should choose funds with seboreguliruyuschimi components and absorbents.Typically, they include: sulfur, zinc, vitamins A and B. They will control the production of sebum, absorb excess fat and reduce the amount of inflammation.In addition, such funds shall not contain any fats and oils.A good choice for owners of oily skin becomes matting foundation.
  • For combination skin worth buying just two tools for different types of the dermis.Pick up is recommended creams with creamy texture and powdery containing in its composition protective filters and vitamins.
  • For dry skin need moisturizing cream foundation.Well, if it includes such components as are hyaluronic acid or aloe which perfectly retain moisture in the cells of the dermis.Such remedies must include oils (eg, coconut oil or grape seed), they will make the skin softer and more elastic, and saturate it with vitamins and proteins.A good choice for dry skin can be a variety of BB creams.
  • For mature skin would be the best foundation with lifting effect.Such means increase the synthesis of collagen and level the surface of the dermis.They have a creamy texture, which makes it possible to work out good choice of tonal resources reliefs person eliminates fine lines, roughness and inflammation.Typically in the foundation lifting effect includes antioxidants and humectants, which prevent drying of the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of free radicals and the environment.
  • Sensitive skin creams would be best products manufactured on a mineral basis.They usually contain many safety components and do not irritate the skin.

foundation and season

for the cold period is better to use a thicker foundation, with a high degree of protection.During warmer months, should opt for vehicles with sunscreen (SPF).In the heat on your face as much as possible it is recommended to apply only light creams made of water-based, they allow the skin to breathe and does not clog pores.Normally the packages of such funds there is an inscription «oil free» or «non-oil».