Perhaps Smokey ice - one of the most popular types of make-up make-up artists.The effect of the haze that it creates, makes the image of a mysterious and sexy, and his eyes were the most expressive and slightly languid.Today there are many techniques Smokey ice, some of which are significantly different from the classical, very dark, made in blue-black tones.Modern makeup artists to create a smoky make-up using a huge palette of colors starting with blue and ending with pink, his eyes framed by not only the muffled but quite bright shades.This allows the use of Smokey ice not only for the evening, but for daytime images.However, in all cases, a distinctive feature of this type of make-up - much shade shadow framing the eyes, remains unchanged.

smoky makeup application technique

If you want to smokey eye makeup ice looked really good, should be paid enough attention to smoothing the face.To do this, all the defects mask concealer and apply the appropriate foundation.Pay special attention to the skin ar

ound the eye area.After you create an ideal basis, proceed directly to the make-up of eyes.

First of all, you should decide the color of the shadows.When choosing them be guided by time of day: Pick up for a make-up day lighter tone for the evening - a dark, then where are you going to go, the color scheme of your order or the color of their eyes.To achieve the effect of haze, it is recommended to use several shades: dark, medium and light.However, they should be well combined with each other.

to make well-kept, powder the eyelids or apply a basis for shadows .After that, apply a shade of dark shade on the mobile eyelid and blend them.Apply a lighter shade just above and as all good blend.

is followed to bring the eye.For a smoky makeup is better to choose the most soft pencil, which will be easy to shade.It can be used instead and shadows.To make it look good and create the desired effect, impose their soaked in water with a brush or applicator.

Draw a suitable color to the shadows, a pencil line on the inside of the lower eyelid area.Then, blend and apply the shadow on the lower eyelid.On the upper eyelid, draw a pencil along the lash and arrow as its blend.The lightest shade, apply to the inner corners of the eyes so that a smooth transition between colors.At the final stage nakraste lashes.

way, to put the arrow and shadow can be in a different order, such as:

Tips for creating a smokey makeup ice:

  • Having smoky eye make-up, give up the use of bright or dark lipstick.In this case, the lips should be virtually colorless, otherwise you will look vulgar.
  • blush not take a great interest is, pick shades closest to your skin tone.
  • Owners of small or close-set eyes, is not recommended draws a pencil or dark shadows in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternal corners of the eyes, it is better to create a focus on the external parts, making them as dark.
  • Try to use a pencil for Smokey ice, shadows and mascara as close in color.
  • lower eyelid better draws no pencil and shadows, so it will be easier to achieve a smoky effect.
  • correct Smokey ice is only possible with careful shading of borders and the lack of clear lines.
  • To your mind was as open as possible, use the tweezers for eyelash curler.
  • Do not forget the eyebrows, they should be well-groomed and neat.