today to get rid of unwanted vegetation for each girl - an integral part of grooming.If not so long ago the removal of body hair was mainly just using a razor, now a host of different ways to solve this problem at home.

home hair removal methods - their strengths and weaknesses

  • Shaving .Its main advantage - the availability and simplicity.To carry out such an epilation you have to spend only a razor and blade to her.Disadvantages of shaving are the result achieved in the short, usually grow back hair removal in two days, and some, and every other day.In addition, this procedure also stimulates hair growth, with the regular use of it, they thicken and become stiffer and are growing faster.
  • Chemical depilation. It passes through various creams and sprays for hair removal.Such means may be as a very cheap and quite expensive.They are easy to use and they are fast enough, it does not cause absolutely no unpleasant sensation.Unfortunately, the effect of a hair removal does not last very long, at best,
    up to a week, but more often a few days.The disadvantage of such means is the fact that they often cause allergies.
  • Filament hair removal. Removing hairs in this case takes place by means of silk thread.Related to the ring spun yarn and simply pulls them.In carrying out the hair removal can be by any stretch, it is partially destroys the bulb, so How to waxing hairs after it grow slowly, become thinner and weaker.Its disadvantages are painful, high probability of occurrence of ingrown hairs and irritation.
  • use the epilator. This device, like a thread, pulls the hair, but it is much more convenient to use.Hair after its use grows more slowly than after shaving or chemical depilation, yet they frequently grow, leading to inflammation.The main drawback of such a procedure - soreness.
  • Waxing and wax strips. This method allows you to get rid of hair for about three weeks.With regular use of it gradually reduced the amount of excess hair.The main drawback - the pain, in addition to the wax can not remove the short hairs, so you have to wait for their regrowth of up to several millimeters (four or more).
  • Shugaring. Recently, this method is very popular.Sugar hair removal does not require large cash expenditures, the effect of it is retained for about three weeks.Regular carrying out the procedure leads to a thinning of the hair and reduce their number.Shugaring cause pain, but they are smaller than with waxing.It also should be carried out only by a thread, regrown to four millimeters.
  • Phyto Hair Removal. This method of hair removal gives the same effect as shugaring.
  • Hair removal by laser.Not so long ago laser hair removal can be carried out only in salons, and today it is available at home.But it will take to buy a special device that he is not so cheap.Laser Hair Removal - the most effective home Remedy excess vegetation.It does not stimulate hair growth and leads to their thickening and, after a full course, allows, if not all, then a long time to forget about epilation.During epilation may feel tingling, slight pain and other discomfort, then it usually occurs on the skin irritation.

Waxing at home

Clearing vegetation using wax refers to one of the oldest methods of hair removal.They can remove hair on all parts of the body - the face, bikini area, including deep, legs, back, etc.Today, the market can find several types of wax: Hair removal with warm wax

  • Hot - it can be used repeatedly.He is well-steamed the skin, effectively remove thick hairs.Suitable for hair removal armpits, legs, bikini area, etc.With hot wax should be very careful, because they can be burned.
  • Warm - it includes oil and resin softeners.It can be sold in cans or cassettes.It is quite effective and safe hot.Suitable for removing hairs on all body parts.
  • Cold - the most easy to use, as applied to manufactured small strips.Its efficiency is lower than that of the previous types of wax, besides it gives greater pain.Cold wax is better not to use for getting rid of the hair on delicate areas - face, underarms and bikini.

How do different types of waxing

to waxing passed as efficiently as possible, it is recommended to make a thread, having a length of about 4 mm.In regardless of how you plan to use wax, the day before the procedure is recommended to pilling.Before the epilation to clean and degrease the skin.To do this it is best to take a shower, then carefully wipe and treat the skin with baby powder, containing no fragrances.If you can not take a shower, you can treat the skin with lotion and then powder.For the procedure, you will need a trowel, container for heating wax or Voskoplav.

  • Hair removal with hot wax. wax, heat to 45-48 degrees in a water bath or in depilation.Then put it on a small area of ​​hair growth.Make sure the layer is thick enough, but not too thick.When the wax hardens well (it will look like modeling clay), hold your fingers over the edge and lift against the hair growth decisively, sharp movement.Repeat this procedure until we get rid of all the hair.To speed it up a little bit can not immediately apply the wax several areas, but in this case, observe that between the application site remained gaps.This is necessary to ensure that each of the plates can be frozen without problems capture and remove.
  • Hair removal with warm wax. wax warm up to about 38 degrees.Then, using a spatula or a cassette depilation, apply it on the skin a little thin strip and cover with a special strip, then gently press down the side of her hairline.Next, apply the next strip, etc.When the wax has cooled sharply tear strip him against the growth of hair.

After the procedure remove wax residue with warm water or cosmetic tissue.The remaining hairs after hair removal to remove the forceps.Then apply on the treated area disinfectant, and then soothing cream.To avoid irritation to strengthen and avoid getting infections, skin or wet proepelirovannuyu about a day and refrain at this time from the sunbathing.

Hair removal wax strips at home

Use wax strips at home is easier than other types of wax.Spend the same preparations as for the previous procedures.Next, remove the strips from the packaging, heat in his hands, divide and stick to the required field on the growth bands, tightly pressed to the surface of each.Wait a few seconds and sharply tear strip against the hair growth.Then paste the following and repeat the manipulation.Using wax strips in the armpits, apply and remove them in different directions.After epilation perform the same procedures as when How to use wax strips a conventional wax.

Contraindications :

  • idiosyncrasy wax;
  • varices;
  • diabetes;
  • growths on the skin - moles, papillomas, warts.

Sugar hair removal at home

Shugaring no doubt can be attributed to one of the cheapest and easiest ways of hair removal.Along with this, he is also one of the relatively effective and relatively painless method of hair removal.But this is not all the advantages of sugar hair removal - it can be done even on sensitive skin, it is safe and does not cause allergies, is easily washed off with water and it did not appear unsightly pimples.The essence of this procedure is as follows - from sugar brewed a special paste, then warm it is applied to the skin, and after cooling breaks.

Shugarnig paste home cooked very simply.The number of components is easiest to count in a tablespoon.

Recipe №1. In a small saucepan, mix 10 tablespoons of sugar, a spoonful of water and 6 tablespoons of lemon juice.The mixture was put on medium heat.Continuously stir, wait for sugar is dissolved and the formation of bubbles on the surface.Then reduce to a minimum the fire, and cook the mixture, continuing to interfere with it constantly.As soon as she formed on its surface, skin begins to change color to a light brown, pot, remove from heat and pour into a weight plate.About half an hour push composition fingers, traces of them should not be wasted.If so, the paste is ready.Next, it must be separated from a small piece, to form a ball and knead it well.As a result of the mass should become a virtually transparent pearl.The same make and with the rest of the paste.

Recipe №2. In a small saucepan combine 7 tablespoons of lemon juice, a kilo of sugar and 8 tablespoons of water.Boil for five minutes mass, stirring constantly, over high heat.Then reduce the fire and cover the container lid.Boil mass quarter of an hour, occasionally stirring it, then boil the mixture continuously interfering until it becomes brown.Leave the paste to cool.This weight will be enough sugar for a few procedures for hair removal, use it in the form of heat.

Conduct procedures shugaring home

Conduct shugaring only by a thread, having a length of about four millimeters, otherwise the procedure may be ineffective.For the sugar hair removal is recommended to prepare for this the day before you need it to carry out exfoliation, and an hour to take a shower.Before the procedure, the area to be treated, must be lubricated with a disinfectant and then apply a talc.Sugar hair removal at home

method №1. For the hair removal paste prepared in the first recipe, preheat the ball in his hands, then apply it rubbing against the hair growth, so that it turned into a cake.Now a sharp movement tear his hair growth.One bead can be used several times.When the desired result is achieved, remove any excess paste and treat skin soothing cream.

method №2. pasta cooked on the second recipe, put on the necessary against the hair growth.Top attach and press down well strips designed for hair removal, or a piece of clean cloth.After about a minute sharply tear strip on the growth bands.So treat the necessary surface.

Laser hair removal at home

Just a few years ago, laser hair removal at home was only a dream, but now it's real.Recently appeared on the market a lot of models of compact laser epilators.With such devices, you can get rid of the hair on the face, arms, bikini area, underarms and feet.But the ears, deep bikini and eye expose their action is prohibited.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle, while not having a negative effect on the skin.The laser operates only on the dark pigment of the hair, it absorbs radiation, causing the thermal effect.Instant heat leads to a cessation of hair growth.

laser hair removal should be undertaken only after careful study of the instructions.Depending on the type of appliance technique of hair removal may slightly differ.Do hair removal laser is best for hairs having a length of not more than three millimeters.Handle is only recommended for dry, clean skin.After hair removal, Laser hair removal at home usually occurs light swelling and redness of the skin, a little help soothe inflammation attachment towel soaked with cool water.

loss of hairs on the treated area does not occur immediately, but only after a few days.During this period, you should refrain from using any funds intended for hair removal.Also, two days after the procedure, you can not use deodorants and injure the skin and within a week sunbathing.

following procedure can be carried out only after three weeks.During this time allowed to make a special hair removal cream or razor.To get rid of the hair for a long time will have at least six treatments.After that, as a rule, requires a second course, when the growth of hairs that were in the resting phase.

Contraindications :

  • very light or gray hair;
  • infectious skin diseases, such as herpes;
  • cancer;
  • very dark skin;
  • diabetes.

In the presence of intense sun, a large number of moles, skin diseases and varicose veins before undertaking laser hair removal should consult with a specialist.