is rare to encounter a woman who would have been completely satisfied with their appearance.Even the owner, according to others, the most beautiful face will always find something to complain about.Nowadays, many real correct or flimsy appearance defects, you can use make-up.Indeed, the make-up expertly superimposed, is capable of performing miracles - visually make shorter nose, lips swell, graceful eyebrows, etc.Today we'll talk about how to visually enlarge the eyes.

Tips - How to visually enlarge the eyes

In fact, visually make eyes large and expressive, not so difficult.You need to know a few simple tricks and, if necessary, to follow them.

Pay attention to the eyebrows

What eyebrows should be neat, combed, without protruding hairs - not even discussed, this rule applies to the whole world of women.Owners of the small eyes, eyebrows, and especially their form should be given maximum attention.Remember, the higher they will be located, well, or to create such an illusion, the more wide-open and

open eyes will look.To achieve this effect must be properly adjust the eyebrows - to eliminate the maximum possible quantity of hairs at the bottom.But it is very important not to overdo it and do not make them like strings, because everything is good in moderation.Ideally, the form must match the shape of the eyebrows, both eyes and face, while eyebrows should remain sufficiently dense, but do not affect the upper eyelid.How to correct them, we are told in one of our previous publications.Visually make a raised eyebrow helps lightening the area underneath.

Use masking agents

Dark circles and other defects are located in the eye, visually make the eyes less.Fix it help masking agents.Well it neutralizes dark circles pink-orange concealer, of course, you can use tools and skin colors, but the results they give a little worse.

Combine shade

right makeup for small eyes should be done at least two shades of shadows - light and dark.Bright colors (white, beige, peach, etc.) must be applied to all mobile eyelid, inner corners of the eyes and under the brow.Not bad pearlescent eye shadows increase, but they are only recommended for women who do not have wrinkles.

Dark Shadows may be different shades.For daytime make-up is to use a more natural temperate dark colors to create an evening - use the ones that you like the best or suited to the overall image.Dark Shadows is necessary to impose at the outer corners, fold over the eye socket, on the lower eyelid, but no further level of the pupil and the upper eyelid, and no further pupil.At the same time the mobile eyelid and can not affect.Shadows necessarily well shaded towards temples.Ideally, the shaded area at the top should be seen with the eyes open.

not forget the arrows Arrows

for small draws the eye can be as a pencil or eyeliner, but it should be done correctly.Their line should be as thin and barely visible closer to the inside of the eye and thicken at the outside.Often when applying makeup for small eyes, the hands are drawn only from the middle of the century, about the level of the iris to the outer corner.This line have to look neat and natural.

If clear, especially the thick line to draw on the eyelid near the nose - it is only reduce the eye.Also, do not strongly pull the needle end, greatly extending to the temples.It is better to make short and upward.

lower eyelids is recommended to sum only the outer corners and not to bring the line even to the middle.These places should be a good shade, so as to create shading effects.If you want to draw a line around the lower eyelid, make it lower than the growth of eyelashes and always lightens the inner "water line."

lightens "water lineĀ»

arrows to increase the eye can be not only black but also white.They are applied to the inner, mucous region of the lower eyelid, which is often called "water line."In this case, if the white line merges with the white of the eye and visually perceived as a continuation.Due to this, the eye appears to be larger.In addition, this technique makes eyes shining and living, and face fresh.

lighten the corners of the eyes in the nose

Yet another remarkable effect that allows to visually enlarge the eyes - lightening the inner corner of the eye.Due to such a reception eyes if away from each other, and the inner portion is slightly extended.Highlights can be done by white or very light pencil and shadow, use of funds and with mother of pearl.

Pay attention

eyelashes Long eyelashes except that lend depth and expressive look, and even significantly increase the eye.Since not all nature has endowed such wealth, to achieve the desired effect using a good mascara and apply it in two layers, how to do it correctly, you can read in our article.

Before applying mascara, be sure to curl lashes, using special pliers.Such a procedure is even more open eye, and hence make them visually more.If things with eyelashes so very bad situation, you can use the patch.It should not use a solid thick eyelashes, and some, to the top of the twisted bundles of cilia that make-up, which increases the more natural eye.To impose such cilia simply, this:

  • nakraste eyelashes, wait for drying ink, then squeeze a small amount of glue on the arm and wait a couple of seconds so that it thickens.
  • Carefully remove the bundle of cilia tweezers and dip them in the tip of the glue.
  • attach to cilia century, as close to natural.
  • Glue desired number of beams, starting from the outer corner and gradually moving to the middle of the century.At the same time, try to place the cilia as close as possible to one another.

Do not forget the bottom cilia.But just to paint over them quite a bit.

makeup to enhance eye - steps

for applying makeup you need:

  • black liner.
  • white, beige or pearly shade.
  • matte shadow peach, ivory or beige.
  • Eyeliner, having a white color (it is desirable that it was high-quality and soft).
  • Shadows of dark colors, in this case were taken brown.
  • black mascara.
  • pliers twisting eyelashes.
  • Puchochki eyelashes.

With corrector or concealer if necessary, hide dark circles or other possible shortcomings.Then align the tone of the entire face, using foundation.Then apply on the eyes under the shadow of a special database.This tool can be replaced and the usual translucent powder.

After training, you can adjust to increase the eye makeup.To do this, first cover the upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrows light matte shadows.In the crease apply a little brown, not too dark matte shadow.Thoroughly blend them so that clear boundaries are gone.Not too dark brown shadows with nacre, paint the lower eyelid.Do this, since the outside corner, a thick line, and it is gradually narrowed toward the middle of the eye.Then carefully blend.

Top mobile eyelid and the inner corner of the eye color pearly light shadows.Along the eyelashes using a fine brush to draw dark shadows brown arrow, so that it is thickened to the outside of the eye.Then gently blend it.

white pencil to paint "water line", and then the inner corner of the eye.On the lashes, apply two coats of mascara, then lightly touch up the bottom cilia.After the carcasses dry, the end of the arrow to move the black liner and curl lashes with forceps.Glue a few bundles of cilia, the outer side of the eye.

Makeup for larger eyes, done by issuing a line of eyebrows.If they are quite dark and expressive, just comb them and apply a little gel.Owners of light eyebrow eyebrow pencil to paint on is having a color tone to darker hair.Also, it can be done, and shadows.