nasolabial folds - a problem which may concern not only the women aged but sometimes quite young ladies.The grooves, extending from the nose wings and reaching corners of the mouth, no added appeal and make a person over.

Where are the nasolabial folds

In fact, the causes of the formation of nasolabial folds can be set.They often occur in very emotional people with active facial expressions.Due to some facial habits, for example, the habit of often smile, the muscles responsible for maintaining the area "nosogubok" are hypertonia.Spasm, shortened muscles cheekbones like poddergivaet middle area of ​​the nasolabial folds, this leads to the fact that between the upper lip and lower eyelid form a sort of dense cushion.These muscles need to straighten and smooth, it will help make the massage and special exercises.How to remove the nasolabial folds in the home-ways

Facial muscles may be deprived of their tone and weakened, that is located in gipotonus.In this case, the nasolabial folds look sluggish and soft hang.This occurs due to venous and lymphatic

stagnation.These muscles also need to tone up.

provoke nasolabial folds can sleep habit, utykayas face in the pillow, regular edema (even those that are formed due to heavy drinking shortly before bedtime), dramatic weight loss of 5 kilograms or more, age-related changes, bad habits, lack of careface, heredity.

Many are concerned about how to remove the nasolabial folds at home.Unfortunately, this is not so easy.To skin had the desired state, have to work hard and may even involve a range of activities, which consists of the normalization of food daily running of the face, the use of additional beauty treatments (masks, creams, rubbing ice cubes, etc.), or a special massageexercises.

Exercise of nasolabial folds

deciding how to get rid of nasolabial folds, above all, pay attention to the special exercises.Gymnastics for the person needed help to strengthen the muscles, resulting in tightened skin and unsightly wrinkles smoothed.

doing exercises standing in front of a mirror, it will monitor the facial expressions that will prevent the occurrence of additional folds.Before proceeding to the gym, wash your hands and clean your face.

set of exercises:

  1. Place in the corners of her mouth index fingers, gently stretch the lips apart (about 0.5 mm), and then return them to the starting position.Repeat forty times.
  2. pulling the folded tube lip as far as possible, say "oo-oo-oo", then slightly open mouth and say "oh-oh-oh."Perform twenty times.
  3. Breathe in through your nose, then slowly release the air through his lips relaxed slightly while pulling them forward.
  4. Type in the mouth air, inflate the cheeks and start to roll it from side to side.
  5. jaw muscles, take your thumb and forefinger, as if you want to pinch them.Slowly drag a smile, stay for five seconds.Perform ten times.How to get rid of nasolabial folds, quickly and efficiently
  6. two lips bend of the teeth, mouth, insert the tablespoon.Slowly lift the spoon when you reach the top, smile, cycling cheeks, and linger a while in this position.Perform a few sets of ten times.Popular exercise of nasolabial folds
  7. place the palms on the cheeks, and the little fingers should be on the line of nasolabial folds.Soft Jog push his hands up.Perform 60 seconds.Where are the nasolabial folds

Gymnastics Carole Maggio

excellent means of rejuvenation and elimination of defects of facial exercise is Carole Maggio.Among them are such that will help eliminate the nasolabial folds.It is performed as follows:

  • Sit up straight.
  • Imagine two dots - one in the middle of the lower lip and the second in the middle of the top.
  • opened his mouth, pull point, so that his lips formed an oval.At the same time they need to tightly cling to the teeth, but the only way to get around them formed wrinkles.
  • Imagine how the energy moves from the corners of the mouth through the wings of the nose.Move index fingers along that line.Reaching the wings of the nose, imagine that the energy back down to follow her forefingers.
  • Continue straight up and down, gradually increasing imaginary energy until you feel a burning sensation in the nasolabial folds.
  • Start quickly tapping his forefinger on the fold line.It is necessary to make thirty such taps.
  • slowly let the air through closed lips.Exercise Carole Maggio

There is another embodiment thereof

  • Stand up or sit down and straighten your back.
  • muscles of the skull and try to pull back up.
  • Slightly open your mouth so that his lips formed an oval, with tightly press them to the teeth.
  • Rub the palms until they do not appear sensation of heat.
  • Start slowly drive the collected fingers, palms up and down just above the line of nasolabial folds.This hands do not touch the skin, but keep them close enough so that felt warm.
  • leading hands, imagine that beneath sticky substance that sticks the hand if the skin and under the influence of wrinkles smoothed.
  • Once in the skin will be tingling and heat (usually it takes thirty seconds), quickly move the folds of his hands up and down.As a result, you should feel a strong warming of skin.
  • Palms apply to areas of skin in the mouth corners and gently holding the skin, lips somknite.
  • Remove the palm, relax your lips and gently Blow through them.
  • in a chaotic manner lightly tap the pads on the region of nasolabial folds.
  • Gymnastics for the person at home Exercises from the nasolabial folds-types

This exercise is suitable to eliminate the nasolabial folds as in hypotonia and hypertonia in the muscles.This non-contact, it has more activated visualization and muscle-brain connection, so it can be considered absolutely safe.However, despite its simplicity, this exercise is very effective when done correctly and if erases wrinkles.

Exercise with a bottle of nasolabial folds

present to your attention another very unusual but very effective exercise.For his performance you will need a small plastic bottle (for the beginning can take a half-liter).Fill it with water by a third.A bottle of put on the table or any other suitable surface, grabbed her neck with his lips and lift, but just remember, and you can use only the lips, teeth can not help themselves.

picked up the bottle on the table hold about twenty seconds, then lower.Make necessary maximum possible number of repetitions.

To enhance the effect, you can spend a massage area inside the folds of language.Just massage them with circular movements ten times in each direction.

Massage against nasolabial folds

Another effective way to get rid of nasolabial folds , massage can be considered.Especially well-proven Japanese massage technique, which bears the name "Asahi".It solves a lot of problems with the appearance they include a double chin, wrinkles, sagging skin, puffy cheeks, etc.Such a lymphatic drainage massage is particularly indicated in the presence of nasolabial folds, as the nasolabial roller often delayed lymphatic fluid, making wrinkles more difficult and therefore more visible.Consider methods to address this particular problem.

  1. Paw middle and index finger put into the holes located in the wings of the nose.To prevent displacement of the skin, mouth slightly open, and then pull the upper lip to the teeth.Take five pads pressuring-stretching movements, running his nostrils, up and down.
  2. pads and the first phalanx of the middle, ring finger put in the nose.Roth hold the same as in the first administration.Take four smoothing movements from the nose slightly down and to the sides.
  3. Paw middle and ring fingers, place in the upper region of the nose wings and take them nadavlivayusche-stretching movements towards the temples.At the same time the mouth should still keep ajar.When the fingers reach the temples, Close the lips and gently push them, stay well for a couple of seconds.Next, swipe your fingers along the cheeks to the area below the ears, gently push again, and then swipe the pads on the sides of the neck, reaching clavicular pits again take a slight pressure.Perform this technique three times.Massage of the nasolabial folds

Acupressure Face of nasolabial folds

Acupressure is especially struggling with nasolabial folds, arising due to muscle hypertonus.He performed as follows:

  • Sit or stand (preferably in front of a mirror) and straighten your back.Mouth open, so that lips stretched into an oval and flattened to the teeth.
  • pads middle fingers do the line of nasolabial folds upwards and sideways movement presses (accurate directions shown in the photo).Pressing must be strong enough, but not painful, such that a finger was felt not only leather, but also muscle.When pressed makes it easy impulse upward and outward (in the direction of the arrow), try not to displace skin.Massage should start from the nose.

on each of the lines you should go out for three to four clicks.Repeat the massage can be 1-3 times, making it recommended about five times a week.If done correctly, the depth of wrinkles reduced fast enough, and if the procedure is done on a regular basis will be a persistent effect.How to get rid of nasolabial folds

Folk remedies for rejuvenation

Since nasolabial folds very often the result of age-related changes, can help reduce their depth treatments aimed at rejuvenating the skin.At home you can use all kinds of anti-aging masks, compresses and rubbing.

gelatin mask of nasolabial folds

in a quarter cup of water at a room temperature, place a spoonful tablespoon gelatin, stir and leave for thirty minutes.

Four spirulina tablets fill the water with a spoon and then knead it thoroughly and add the gelatin solution.After that, there too, add a quarter teaspoon of juice squeezed from the pulp of a lemon and a few drops of vitamin A. If the mass of the liquid will leave it for another thirty minutes.If the consistency of the mixture comes out normal, put it in cheesecloth.The wet gauze, apply on face and leave for twenty minutes.This procedure is recommended for three days for two weeks.

Clay mask

Beautiful rejuvenating effect is given a mask on the basis of cosmetic clay.For mature skin is best suited pink and green clay.To make a mask of clay, spread a spoonful of sour cream to the consistency of sparse water or herbal decoction.For example, chamomile is very useful for a person, you can also use a decoction, striped, peppermint, sage, mother and stepmother, St. John's wort or fees herbs.

be completed mask a couple of drops of essential oil of argan, grapeseed, peach, coconut, etc.Clay mixture should be applied only to cleansed face and leave to dry completely.To conduct such procedures can be a day.

mask from fish oil Face mask of the fish oil

Prevent and eliminate nasolabial folds can be and with the help of fish oil.The secret of the beneficial effects of the product on the skin - the content of essential fatty acids omega-3.

To prepare the mask, mix a teaspoon of starch, olive oil and half a spoon of fish oil.Apply the product and leave it on your face for twenty minutes.

ice cubes from the nasolabial folds

daily washing with ice cubes will not only help improve the condition of skin, and rejuvenate them.Particularly good effect is given ice cubes face made from herbal concoctions or frozen natural vegetable or fruit juices.Wiping their skin is a kind of shock therapy, after such a procedure activated protective mechanisms and accelerates the regenerative processes.

Warm compresses

packs made from herbal infusions help to activate the production of collagen.The most suitable plants for the person considered to be a sage, a mother-and-stepmother, St. John's wort, birch buds, camomile.Packs recommended as follows - prepare an infusion of one or more herbs, moisten it (the infusion should be warm) cotton pads or folded pieces of gauze and place them on the problem areas for at least a quarter of an hour.Such procedures desirable to carry out every day.

Use all of the above home remedies rather as an additional way of getting rid of wrinkles, but as an addition to the exercises, or massage.